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Reasons For Cats And Dogs’ Whiskers

Just like humans, dogs and cats are mammals that are covered with hair. But there are differences in the hair that covers the human body. First, most humans have more hair on their heads than their arms and legs, while cats and dogs have an even distribution of hair over most of the body.


How To Keep Cats And Dogs Warm?

Whether winter in your neighborhood means snow or subzero windchill or slightly mild temperatures and rain, when the winter months arrive, there are a number of steps you should take to keep your cats and dogs healthy and warm.


Why Do Cats And Dogs Eat Grass?

Many people get worried about their cats and dogs eating grass. Does your dog or cat eat grass? Don’t worry! I am going to tell you some reasons why do cats and dogs eat grass and whether it is good or not for them.


Similarities Between Cats and Dogs

Sometimes cats and dogs don’t get along at all, partly because of these differences. Cats and dogs may seem entirely different at a glance. However, there are also many things that cats and dogs have in common.


How To Train A Guard Dog?

Security dog or guard dog are the dogs that protect you and your family. Most dogs have natural instinct to protect the member of their pack, in this case, it happens to be you and your family.


Parrot Bite: How To Stop It?

Parrots are also highly affectionate with their owners, so they get confused when their parrots suddenly bite them. There can be multiple reasons for parrot bite. Like:THE PARROT FEELS LOCKED UP


How To Teach Cats Their Name?

Teaching cats their name is a fun and rewarding experience. You can use the technique to teach your cat all sorts of things, including what you're up to, where you are, or even if there's food available. But it also helps with communication between cats and humans. If you don't know how to teach cats their name then read on!


How To Teach Your Cat Tricks?

Teaching tricks to your cat can be fun and rewarding. Cats love to play, so it’s easy for them to learn new things. You just need to create a positive environment for your cat and give him lots of praise when he performs the trick correctly!


How To Train Your Cat To Play Hide And Seek?

Cats are like the greatest secret agents of the animal kingdom. They can be trained to do so much more than just eat, sleep, and play with their litter box! You can train your cat to play hide and seek by following these simple steps


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