How To Teach Your Cat Tricks?

Teaching tricks to your cat can be fun and rewarding. Cats love to play, so it’s easy for them to learn new things. You just need to create a positive environment for your cat and give him lots of praise when he performs the trick correctly!


How to train your cat to hug you?

Cats are usually pretty independent and aloof, but they can be trained to do things that make you happy. In this article I'll show you how to train your cat to hug you by using a dish of cat food as bait and sitting on the floor with her.


Can You Train Your Cat to Go Outside?

Can you train your cat to go outside? Most cats don’t care where they go to the bathroom, as long as it’s convenient—usually on your carpet or the leg of your favourite pair of jeans. But if you’re considering an outdoor cat, or simply want to make life easier by training your indoor cat to......


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